The academic Senate of the Military Technical Academy is a body elected in conformity with the National Education Act no. 1/2011 consisting of  75% tenured professors and researchers and 25% representatives of the students. The academic Senate works based on the academic Charter and the Regulations concerning academic Senate’s functioning.

(1) The Academic Senate represents the academic community being the highest forum for decision making and debate in the academy. The Senate is the management organism of the academy representing the collective authority that implements the principles of academic autonomy.

(2) The President of the Senate is elected under the law and chairs its sessions.

(3) The members of the academic Senate are tenured teachers, researchers and students in accordance with the effective representation rates.

The President of the Academic Senate is col. dr. eng. Traian ROTARIU

Members of the Academic Senate

  • Col. prof. univ. dr. ing. VIZITIU IULIAN
  • Col. prof. univ. dr. ing. STOICA ADRIAN
  • Col. prof. univ. dr. ing. NICOLAESCU IOAN
  • Col. prof. univ. dr. ing. ȘOMOIAG PAMFIL
  • Col. prof. univ. dr. BOAMBĂ EUGEN
  • Col. conf. univ. dr. ing. GROSU DĂNUŢ
  • Col. conf. dr. ing. VÎNTURIŞ VALENTIN
  • Cdor. conf. univ. dr. ing. NECHIFOR RĂZVAN
  • Col. conf. univ. dr. ing ROTARIU TRAIAN
  • Lt. col. prof. univ. dr. ing. BICA ION
  • Lt. col. conf. univ. dr. ing. LUPOAE MARIN
  • Lt. col. conf. univ. dr. ing. CIOTÎRNAE PETRICĂ
  • Lt. col. conf. univ. dr. ing. CÎRMACI MATEI MARIUS
  • Lt. cdor. conf. univ. dr. ing. MOLDOVEANU CRISTIAN
  • Mr. conf. univ. dr. ing. MOLDER CRISTIAN
  • Mr. conf. univ. dr. ing. TOGAN MIHAI-VIRGILIU
  • Conf. univ. dr. ing. MĂRGĂRIT LAURENŢIU
  • Student plt. maj. JITARU ANDREI
  • Student sg. maj. JULAN CĂLIN IOAN
  • Student sg. PUȘCAȘ SORIN
  • Student sg. BUCUR VIOLETA