In 2008, based  on the  national regulations in force (GD no. 551/2007),  the MTA was  accredited  by the National Research Authority – NRA, based on the Research Self-Evaluation Report, as a certified institution tot carry out research and development activities (NRA Decision  no. 9673/2008).

MTA is certified to carry out scientific research, consultancy for technological development and technical expertise in the field of security systems technology in conformity with EN ISO 9001:2000  and  AQAP 2110 standards.

MTA has the mission to carry out scientific research in its field of competence in conformity with the requirements of the defence, public order and national security structures and other beneficiaries, based on contracts;

MTA promotes the European dimension of education and scientific research by participating in programs of European Union and in partnerships with military and civilian universities through students, teachers and researchers mobility;

The annual research and development plan reflects the main directions of the scientific research activity carried out in the academy and is structured as follows:

  • research-development activities  in the Sectorial Research and Development Plan for Military Technical Equipment and Technologies of the MoND;
  • research and development activities financed within the National Research, Development and Innovation Plan;
  • research and development activities financed from contracts of scientific research concluded with economic agents from the country or from abroad;
  • research and development activities in the internal annual research and development plan.