The specialists of the Military Technical Academy are involved in the NATO working groups to develop scientific research projects, to elaborate military standards or any other NATO documents.

The Military Technical Academy provides the chairmanship of the  AC/327 SG/B WG/3 working group of CNAD (the only working group where Romania is leading nation).

The Military Technical Academy is the only military institution which concluded a memorandum of understanding with NC3 Agency (NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency) of the  Hague, The Netherlands. It stipulates the carrying out of activities such as:: stages for diploma projects elaboration, short courses on information and communications systems as well as interoperability, participation in Nc3 Agency’s research projects as well as joint organization of international conferences and exhibitions.

Participation in NATO working groups:

  • NMSG – NATO Modelling and Simulation Group;
  • IST – Information Systems Technology;
  • SAS – Systems Analysis and Studies;
  • SET – Sensors and Electronics Technology;
  • AVT – Applied Vehicle Technology.