MTA Students’ Association  is a non-profit professional association representing and safeguarding over 700 students’ rights,  making its contribution to their educational, social and cultural needs. The aim of the Association is to contribute to increasing the professional, cultural, sportive and moral level of MTA students, to add to the prestige of the military higher education and to develop the academic community through actively involving the youths.

We meet, we  draw up projects, we contact similar organizations, we rest, we organize parties, we make friends, we are volunteers, we overpass obstacles and become stronger and better.

Being a volunteer means to make sacrifices as in any other job. You cannot receive anything unless you give something in return. You give time and energy, receiving friends, experience, knowledge and abilities in return.

So we joined hands and together we have organized charity projects, debates, movie nights, ecological projects, Fresher’s Ball and the list is open to any new idea.

We would not have succeeded without the support of the following:  the Military Technical Academy with all its military, civilian personnel and students, Romanian Students’ Union  The SOS Center of RSU, the partner students associations: the Association of Mathematics and Computer Science Students, the Political Sciences Students Association of the University of Bucharest and many others. We would like to thank them all.

ASATM grows up, the ideas come, projects continue and if you are inquisitive, joyful, careful, creative and willing to give a helping hand, get involved, come and participate in everything happening around, make a change, we, the members of the association, have struck the key.

Young people full of ideas, inquisitive, eager to give a helping hand, we are the Students’ Association of the Military Technical Academy.