Dean: Col. Prof. Eng. Pamfil Șomoiag, PhD


  • Undergarduate training  in various specialties and specialiazations pursunat to the Romanian Government Resolution no. 635/2008;
  • Specilised training for officers in Engineering Sciences and other types of staff members pertaining to the defence system, public order and national security;
  • Professional development training for officers in Engineering Sciences in conformity with the Military career guide (based upon the Romanian Government Resolution);
  • Postgraduate training consisting of master studies, PhD programs and professional development courses;
  • Scientific research in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of National Defence or other beneficiaries.


M1 Department M2 Department M3 Department M4 Department
Department of Armament Systems Engineering and Mechatronics Department of Aircraft Integrated Systems and Mechanics Department of Military Autovehicles, Transport and Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering, Military Engineering and Geomatics

Bachelor Studies

Bachelor Studies, 4 years, 240 credits

Accredited fields and specialties:

 Military Engineering:

            Engineering Machines and Equipment;

            Systems for Mine Barriers, Demolitions and Concealment;

Geodesic Engineering:


Aerospatiale Engineering:


            Aircraft and Aircraft Engines;

Chemical engineering:

             Military Chemistry;

Civil Engineering:

             Constructions and Fortifications;

Railways, roads and bridges

Armaments, Rockets and Munitions Engineering:

            Armaments, Rockets, Munitions and Rescue Systems for  Aviation;

             Munitions, Rockets, Explosives and Powders;

             Armament, Artillery Equipment and Fire Control Systems;

            Integrated Armament and Munitions Systems

Auto-vehicles Engineering:

             Armored Vehicles, Automobiles and Tractors

             Command and Control Systems and Equipment for Auto-vehicles.


Master Studies

Master Studies, 1.5 years,  90 credits

Accredited fields and specialties:

Armaments, Rockets and Munitions Engineering:

           Technologies and Management for Defence and Security Logistic Structures;

            Engineering for Special Defence and Security Mechanical Systems;

Auto vehicles Engineering:

            Equipment and Technologies for Auto vehicles Engineering;

Aerospatiale engineering:

            Aeronautical Systems Engineering.


Postgraduate Courses – Career/Professional development courses for foreign military officers

Faculty Council
1.Col. Prof. Eng. Doru GOGA, PhD
2. Cdre. Prof. Eng. Constantin ROTARU, PhD
3. Col. Prof. Eng. Gheorghe OLARU, PhD
4. Col. Prof. Eugen BOAMBĂ, PhD
5. LtCol. Associate Prof. Eng. Pamfil ŞOMOIAG, PhD
6. LtCol. Associate Prof. Eng. Dănuţ GROSU, PhD
7. Corporal student Anabella COŢOVANU
8. Corporal student Mădălina MOLDOVEANU
9. Corporal student Sorina MURAR

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