Military Technical Academy was established by Decree 371 of 14 September 1949. Soon after the technical library was founded, initially with specialized  textbooks donated by the Technical Department of the Army.
·  3 publication funds (technical literature, literature, courses, military literature) with over 200,000 titles;
·  1 reading room (open access, periodicals on the shelves), with 20 seats;
·  Office of Information and Documentation;
·  reference and cataloging department (computerized ACCESS program);
·  Book exhibition hall;
Library provides users with over 200,000 volumes – of which over 50,000 volumes of technical books, over 20,000 volumes of Humanities books, 50,000 volumes of courses, more than 5,000 fiction books and about 30,000 volumes of regulations, instructions, bulletins, etc.
Technical books, socio-humanistic books, courses and literature
·  technical books;
·  textbooks, lectures published in ATM;
·  books in various fields;
·  dictionaries and encyclopedias;
·  language courses;
·  old editions.
Military Literature Fund
·  manuals, courses, published in ATM (unclassified);
·  regulations, orders, instructions;
·  newsletters and magazines;
·  scientific research papers, postgraduate courses;
·  doctoral theses and dissertations;

Information and documentation
·  open access publications on the shelves;
·  civil and military periodicals;
·  standards etc.

·  free loan of books and military literature (with the exception of the unique ones available only in the reading room) for teachers, researchers, officers, students, trainees and staff of the institution;
·  free loan of books on electronic  support;
·  information and documentation;
·  computerized catalogue

“Bulletin of bibliographic information” ;

·  subscriptions and publication dissemination (civil and military);
·  interlibrary loan (books obtained will be studied only in the library reading rooms);
·  editorial information;
·  purchase of books on request (to be included in the library’s funds);
·  exhibitions (thematic, anniversary and so on).
Office Hours
·  Monday – Thursday 07.30 – 17.00
·  Friday 07.30 – 15.30

Editing House

  • Since 2001 MTA Editing House is recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS 158).
  • MTA Editing House publishes scientific books, academic books, scientific journals and proceedings for international events.
  • Contact: 021 335 46 60, interior 248,