MTA Student’s Association



Military Technical Academy is accredited as a state higher education institution of the Ministry of National Defence, integrated into the national education system, training engineer officers as well as military and civilian specialists through Bachelor, Master and Doctoral studies, in the fundamental field of engineering sciences, for the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Administration and Interior, Special Telecommunications Service, Romanian Intelligence Service, External Intelligence Service, economic agents as well as other domestic and foreign beneficiaries.

To access the special field of military equipment and technologies, to learn in a coherent and disciplined environment about things otherwise not accessible, to benefit from quality education, to be able to communicate with competent military and civilian professors, to become leaders of military and civilian organizations, choose to attend the academic study programs organized in the Military Technical Academy thus benefitting from the educational offer, free of charge for the budget funded places, of our institution.

Above all, the years you will spend in the Military Technical Academy, participating in educational and research activities, in international mobility, military training, sports and cultural activities, are the foundation of professional and personal accomplishment and the starting point of future social recognition.


Students’ international conference “cerc”